Andrew HorsmanIt is hard to believe that 2 months have already passed since Andy Horsman joined us at Dome. Andy has moved following a highly successful career in the North East, which has seen him work at Director level and for the two largest global practices in the Project and Cost Management space.

Here, he provides his thoughts on the move and what the 2 months has taught him.

I have often flirted with the idea of running my own business. Normally, after a day which started long before the sun rose, to speak with colleagues on the other side of the world. Finishing long after it had set, picking up ‘the day job’.

I often felt things could and should be done differently by my profession. That there is a better way to provide Project and Cost Management services to clients, offering them the highest standards while speaking a language they understand.

These thoughts were often met with a rush of enthusiasm visualising the future. Then, as with most things in life, the enthusiasm would fade, reality kicks in and we hop back onto the hamster wheel we were certain needed to change.

That was until recently.

I have known Ross for a number of years. I have always respected him professionally and counted him as a friend personally. Years ago, we had spoken about running our own business. It did not happen… Covid-19 did!

A few years later it was brilliant to see him take the step and branch out on his own. I was certain he’d make a big success of it. When we caught up and he spoke about growing Dome to add Cost Management to its arsenal, the most natural solution was in me joining him to share the business.

I wanted to be part of it.

But I’d be lying if I said it was an easy step to take. Having a 9-month-old daughter makes any life decisions seem so much more profound. Deep inside I knew that I’d be much more frustrated by giving in to fears than looking back and knowing that I’d followed my heart.

I am so glad that I did just that.

So how has it been?

It has been reinvigorating.

These last two months have completely refreshed me and relit the fire in my belly. I have enjoyed reconnecting with people and helping them deliver their projects. Countless people who I have not seen in years have been in touch offering their help which makes me reflect on the way I was with them. I always treat people with honesty and respect and hopefully a little laughter along the way. It is extremely rewarding to see that approach reflected-back positively years later.

It has been personal.

Successes for the business, big or small, are all the more rewarding. They are so much more personal.

It has been eye-opening.

Accounts, VAT returns, Professional Indemnity Insurance; all things taken for granted previously have become a source of much interest and even greater frustration!

It has provided recognition.

When clients and fellow consultants are struggling with particularly complex problems, and they turn to Ross and I to help them, it tells me that I was right in thinking there was and is a better way.

But best of all, it has just begun!

Working closely in partnership, for good people on good projects gives us a great platform for growth. The business will be making some further steps soon on its journey which we look forward to sharing.

The business has great potential, but better than that; it reflects the people we are. Who would have it any other way?