Dome Project Management


Dome is providing tailored project management and employers agent services to New College Durham to provide the College with a Construction Centre of Excellence.

Case study Details

Construction Centre of Excellence, New College Durham

Project Overview

Promotion House, as its currently named, was purchased by New College Durham as part of their ever-growing portfolio of high-quality teaching and learning spaces. The unit required significant refurbishment to all major building elements, including asbestos removal, mechanical & electrical installations, façade improvements and a full internal refurbishment. The project set out to transform a dated, unusable space into a specialised teaching facility for trade subjects. Upon completion the building will house teaching rooms, breakout areas, changing facilities and a large multi-use practical area for trade subjects. A newly designed joisted floor will create a mezzanine area for housing new mechanical and ventilation equipment. The existing building envelope will be stripped down to expose the current portal frame, which will then be fire protected and reclad with new Kingspan composite cladding. Internally, partitions will be constructed to form the above-mentioned classrooms, breakout spaces, and practical areas.

New College Durham, who currently rank among the UK’s top colleges, have a passion for building close working relationships with employers ensuring their students develop the crucial knowledge, skills and behaviours that are needed to gain employment. The College are also aware the UK’s current skill shortage with regards to ‘trade’ subjects, where there are currently over 80,000 job vacancies in construction trades overall. The overarching vision of the refurbishment is underpinned by NCD’s passion for providing skills and knowledge. Turning an unused warehouse unit into a local Construction Centre of Excellence is a testament to their investment in young people and the UK’s wider economy.

Services and Value Added

Dome is providing bespoke project management and employer’s agent services to the College. These services ensure the colleges journey from inception to completion is managed professionally, delivered in line with the required governance and embraces a collaborative and forward-thinking approach.

We have supported the College in several areas: project governance; design team management; procurement advice, risk management, contract administration, programme advice and value engineering.


“The College acquired this building and have set about to transform it in to a purpose built facility for teaching students in construction skills.  Dome have worked closely with the design team to plan the project, and during construction they have provided valuable advice on a number of issues that have arisen.  We are looking forward to the building completing soon with Dome’s support.”

Paul Bradley – Chief Financial Officer, New College Durham