Dome Project Management


Dome prepared a costed abnormals review for Sunderland City Council which assessed the proposals suggested by the potential land developer. The report gave a detailed commentary of the structural, civil and contractors proposals, whilst highlighting areas of potential cost avoidance.

Case study Details

Moorways Abnormals, Sunderland City Council

Project Overview

The land owned by Sunderland City Council is located adjacent to Moorway, with its other two boarders being Washington Highway (A182) and Havannah Road. The site is presently undeveloped and primarily covered in vegetation, featuring mature trees primarily to the south and more sporadic trees in the northern section. The site exhibits a sloping terrain in both the east-west and north-south directions. The site is situated in flood zone 1 and has a localised risk of surface water flooding.

The suggested plan encompasses the development of a three-story extra care housing facility to the south of the site, along with the construction of independent bungalows the northern part of the site. Both areas are to be extensively landscaped (both hard and soft) and receive all the necessary building services (civil, mechanical, electrical etc.)

Services and Value Added

Dome provided SCC with a professionally held view on the level of abnormals cost the site presents to developers. In parallel and as a consequence this led us to comment on Esh’s abnormals cost submission. We explained both parties professionally held view on each area of abnormals, as well as providing an alternative cost proposal on the basis of SCCs advisors advice and our opinion of the current North East construction market.

On the back of our report SCC secured a favourable cost reduction in the abnormals section of the land acquisition deal.