Dome Project Management


Dome is providing cost control services to CF Fertilisers, becoming an embedded contractor within their organisation and adapting our services to the demands of the project and governance arrangements in place.

Case study Details

On-Going Project Support, CF Fertilisers

Project Overview

The Billingham Manufacturing Plant is a large chemical works which is now owned by CF Fertilisers following the closure of ICI.  In agricultural terms, this site is one of the most important chemical works in Britain. The site consists of 3 operational nitric acid plants, a recently decommissioned ammonia & CO2 plant, a demineralised water plant and an Ammonium Nitrate production facility.

As expected in such a complex industrial setting, each year CF Fertilisers embark on multiple planned maintenance windows and bespoke improvement projects. Most recently, Dome have been involved in the Weak Nitric Acid 1 turnaround, which encompasses three improvement projects:

  • Acid to Stock line replacement
  • Cooler condensers replacement
  • Secondary air cooler replacement

These types of work exemplify a high-paced environment where precision and efficiency are paramount. These works involve handling crucial and costly equipment, necessitating strict governance to ensure safety, regulatory compliance, and financial accountability.

Services and Value Added

Dome’s rigorous oversight in governance, cost reporting, and contractor management is essential in such a dynamic setting. Our structured approach guarantees that, despite the fast-paced nature of the projects, all operations remain transparent, well-documented, and aligned with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Dome ensured that financial control and accountability were maintained throughout the works. Detailed cost reporting facilitated transparent communication and decision-making, while effective contractor management ensured that all parties adhered to budgetary constraints and project timelines. This strategic oversight was crucial in the successful delivery of the turnaround and projects.