Cost and Commercial management

Accurate cost information is critical to the success of any project.

We use our skills in cost and commercial management to maximise our client’s returns on investment, whatever the challenge.

We follow tried and tested methodologies to deliver for our clients at every stage of their project.

This comes right from the start in understanding sector specific and regionally tailored benchmarking and cost modelling to provide a robust base to build from. We proactively cost plan through the design stages and work closely with design teams to optimise solutions for our clients, adding genuine value along the way. This comes from deep know-how and experience which allows us to read between the lines and identify threats and opportunities that others do not see.

We protect our clients’ interests during the construction phase with similar skill and vigour.

We value and monitor works on-site and challenge where it is required to protect your investment. Always using our deep and extensive expertise to ensure we extract the maximum from the available budget.

Our cost and commercial management service typically includes:

  • Feasibility estimating and strategic advice
  • Benchmarking and cost modelling
  • Cost estimating
  • Cost planning
  • Value management and value engineering
  • Procurement and contract advice
  • Contract tendering & tender analysis
  • Post contract cost control
  • Final account negotiation and settlement