Dome Project Management

Case Study - PM 2 Drives Building, Prudhoe, Essity

Dome is providing project management and cost management services to Essity for the design and construction of the Paper Machine 2 Drives Building, a crucial new facility at their Prudhoe site in Northumberland.

Case study Details

PM 2 Drives Building, Prudhoe, Essity

Project Overview

The existing Paper Machine 2 drives are obsolete and as part of a modernisation programme as well as installing new drives, the equipment is changing from DC to AC supply. In order to minimise operational downtime, a new Drives Building is being constructed to house HV and LV equipment, which will be connected to PM2. This will allow PM2 to remain operational while the equipment is installed, tested and commissioned, with only a brief shutdown to disconnect the old drives equipment and connect the new equipment.

Preventing any disruption to ongoing manufacturing operations is of paramount importance throughout the design, construction & operational phases, so extra attention is being paid to fire ratings, logistics, buried services and fire safety, which includes the installation of a gas suppression system for firefighting.

Services and Value Added

Dome is providing the full suite of project management and cost management services to Essity including design team management, risk management, programme management, cost estimation, procurement advice, main contractor tender, cost reporting and contract administration.