Dome Project Management


Dome is providing supplementary cost management services to Newcastle University on their campus wide solar PV installation.

Case study Details

PV Installation Project, Newcastle University

Project Overview

The Newcastle University PV Project is a transformative initiative designed to enhance the university’s energy self-sufficiency through the comprehensive installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems across the entire campus. This ambitious project aims to reduce reliance on external energy sources, decrease carbon emissions, and promote sustainability.

Key Objectives:

  • Energy Self-Sufficiency: Generate a significant portion of the university’s energy needs through on-site renewable sources.
  • Sustainability: Lower the university’s carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.
  • Innovation: Position Newcastle University as a leader in renewable energy adoption and sustainable practices within the higher education sector.

 The project was split into three sections, with the intention of achieving the following outcomes:

Phase 1

  • Purchase vested stock to ensure availability and economies of scale
  • Focus on installing PV panels on selected high-impact buildings.
  • Developing a collaborative and transparent relationship with the installer which can be rolled out to subsequent phases.

Phase 2

  • Extend PV installations to additional campus buildings.
  • Implement lessons learned within Phase 1 in regard to contract administration and service delivery.

Phase 3

  • Complete PV system deployment across all remaining buildings and facilities.

Through this project, Newcastle University aims to create a sustainable and energy-efficient campus, setting an example for other institutions and contributing positively to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Services and Value Added

Dome has delivered comprehensive cost management services and added significant value to Newcastle University’s Solar PV Project through expert contract administration, valuation recommendations, effective change management, and skilled negotiation. By meticulously overseeing contract administration, Dome ensured that all project agreements were properly managed and executed. Their detailed valuation recommendations provided clear financial insights, aiding in informed decision-making. Dome’s proactive change management approach addressed project adjustments efficiently, maintaining momentum and minimising disruptions. Additionally, Dome’s negotiation expertise secured favourable pricing for subsequent phases, optimising the project’s budget and maximizing return on investment for the university.